Sunday, June 24, 2007

Begin at the Beginning...

A wonderful place to start... "The Sound of Music"

Now I feel like launching into a rendition of 'Do-Re-Mi,' unfortunately the neighbours wouldn't be too impressed with show tunes at 1:45am.

So I started a blog before, let it go, went back again, let it go for even longer, went back again and deleted it, and now, here am I, beginning again. I got inspired after reading a blog by a super crafty lady named Alicia Paulson. She has a webstore called "Posie: Rosy Little Things" and it goes hand in hand with her blog. I want to be her. Is that creepy sounding? (Anything at almost 2am is creepy sounding)

I think the real question though, is am I creative enough to be alike to her. And if yes, then how come I don't have anything to really show for it. Ok, yes, some people own my paintings, yadda, yadda, but I'm not creative on a daily basis. Therefore the blog to encourage the creativeness.

Project #1.

I've got a wedding shower in July. I'm going to do some fancy embroidery work, maybe pillow cases or something. Or maybe I'll get really creative and do a painting for her. Who knows. I really saw some pretty embroidery work done on my new muse's blog, and well, I'm jealous.

Oh, and just to be like everyone else... here's the furry little princess to whom I am merely the housekeeper:

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