Friday, June 29, 2007

Handbag Dreams

It's been a month since the Great Glebe Garage Sale, but I still cannot believe that I found these fabulous vintage handbags. And for super super cheap. I plan on using "plate frames" to display them on my bedroom shelf. It also inspires me to be a lot more stylish with my bedroom. It helps me to think of where these bags have been and to create a place that is worthy of them.

Now these ones: the navy and white beaded bags. I can see that pretty navy one belonging to a secretary in a law firm in the 60s. She was single and lonely, and dated a senior partner who had a wife and an other mistress besides her. When they'd go out, she'd use this bag and wonder if it made her look sophisticated enough to make him hers forever.

The white beaded bag I think has had an easier life. I think it's been to weddings on the shoulder of a married woman with 3 teenage sons that are all groomed to become doctors, lawyers or politicians. This woman had many bags, but this was her special wedding handbag that she purchased when she and her husband went on a 2 week cruise of South Asia.

My dark brown beauty has had a glamourous life. It's been to debutante balls as the handbag to a well-groomed tutor. She would have had a beautiful accent, much like Audrey Hepburn, and worn her hair in a swept up french twist. She would have worn crisp white blouses and trim dress pants, and powdered her nose with a golden compact. Her skill at turning out fashionable ladies into society would have been well sought after.

And finally the gold Bobbie Jerome bag. It was left behind by a tipsy socialite at a nightclub where the busgirl picked it up. She found a black book of numbers inside, and on a whim called a few and dressed up for a night on the town with strangers, masquerading as a wealthy heiress. No one ever found out her secret, and she married a well-to-do stock broker and moved into the suburbs to live happily ever after.

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