Monday, June 25, 2007

Or at the end of the day...

I hate humidity. I love Ottawa, but only in the early spring and fall, when I can walk outside in a light coat, feel a cool breeze on my cheek and be refreshed just by opening the door. Not so much in the summer time.

This week is supposed to be brutally humid. And tomorrow is expected to be the worst. Of course, I would have a tour. But thankfully it is a public tour, and not a group of snot-nosed uninterested grade eights. Tonight was the last of them.
The haunted walk is a pretty good idea. At least for me. I actually get paid to get off my duff and walk around the city. I work up a great sweat. For sure I'm dropping enough wait to comfortable pile back on in the winter time. I love the whole interacting with tourists too.

A fellow tour guide and I ran into a couple of seniors desperately lost on Rideau Street. And not in the nice end of Rideau Street. The were looking for Wellington. So we of course gave directions, and they thought we looked like cute little witches with our cloaks and lanterns until we explained that we're tour guides. It was a fun run-in, and I never get tired of smiling at people in the street.
And here's the creepy jail....

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