Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bananas and chocolate and telephone calls, oh my!

So today I decided to use some bananas that have been calling to me from my freezer. I'm pretty sure that I've used this recipe before, but it turned out trés crappy. So, I whipped out my never fail Pillsbury Bible of Baking, and took a stab.

Now, there was one small issue. The recipe called for a half cup of sour cream, of which I had none, so I substituted a half cup of yogurt. Except my only yogurt was vanilla. So, I guess I made Chocolate Chip Banana Vanilla Bread. Here's the pre-oven shot. Hope you enjoy part of my sugar and creamer collection!

So, here is the in process shot. I had just stuck a skewer in to test.

And now, la finalé! I'm going to be bringing the bread to the centre where I teach on Tuesday so all the ladies can enjoy it at snack time! It will be a welcome back treat after our week-long vacation! It does look a little dark though, eh?

So after I finished my bread, my mother called and asked me out to a late lunch / early supper in the Market. It was lovely.

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