Thursday, August 9, 2007

I work part time for the Haunted Walk of Ottawa, and I think I've mentionned before in a previous post, but tonight, I had the most awesome tour. I had about 20 people with me, and everyone was super interested, and wanted to stay afterwards to chat. I got 4 comment cards saying what a great tourguide I am. It was just so nice to hear.

Sometimes I think that I have put way too much on my plate. Teaching and tour guiding is pretty busy, but then I have a night like this one, and it makes everything so worth while. I had a great couple on the tour that just had a great time and kept telling me so. I love these kind of nights.

The picture up there is from where the tours start, near the National War Memorial in Ottawa. The ticket booth is right beside this crazy bear statue that everyone loves to take pictures of. So I figured that I'd join the crowd. Interestingly enough, my tour starts beside a bear statue and ends beside a different one. I like the similarity.

So when I think that my life is too hectic, I'll just remember the good little moments like these - inside the hectic there are little pieces of joy.

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