Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Painting in Progress

I have a wedding to attend this weekend - a sister from a sorority I was in at the University of Ottawa. It's something that I'm really looking forward to because there will be a lot of girls that I haven't seen in a while there. It should be fun.

One of the symbols of the sorority is the Pansy... no pansy face is the same, and neither is a member of the sorority. We're all unique. So I began a soft pastel painting of pansies as a wedding gift.

I used a picture I found on the internet to model it from. I'm a terrible artist from imagination. Also, I'm pretty sure I do things ass backwards... I should probably do all the blocking in, then detail work, but I only block in small parts, then work on that til I'm satisfied before moving to another section of the painting.

Here's a good example of doing too much detail work before finishing the major components of the painting. But, each artist has her own method. I'm self taught in terms of using soft pastel, and I think my results are fine.

Now above is the finished product... almost. I made the bottom pansy darker and more defined. I emailed a copy to a friend wit good taste, and she said it's fine, so this painting is currently wrapped and ready to go! This is also the first painting that I've taken progress photos of, so if anyone reads my blog, I'd love to read some comments!! *hint, hint*

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