Monday, November 12, 2007

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in Shawville seems to be more about community spirit than remembering. There are so few vets in town. I by no means wish to take away their sacrifice for our country and contribution to our community. This is merely me saying that most people in town go to the cenotaph out of respect for the community rather than remembrance of our fallen neighbours.

This gentleman is my neighbour. He actually has two houses on his property. For many years - as many and more than I've been alive - he has rented out this green house. It's in shabby shape and is getting harder to find suitable tenants; he has decided to have it torn down. I spoke with my grandmother this evening who said that the house is now gone completely - nothing left but a hole. I wonder what memories of this home he has kept... or wished he hadn't.

On a day when we reflect upon heroes, I thought I would post this picture. The local firemen had been called to an earlier car accident, and about two hours later were called to this chimney fire. Not only is Remembrance Day an occasion to remember those who fight wars, but also those who fight for public safety and justice.

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