Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So here's another Tri Delta blog. It seems as of late there's no escaping it... from my new involvement in the alumnae chapter - pansy press editor, despite the claims of one she-devil - to my reconnection with an old friend.
I spent three hours this evening having a fabulous hot chocolate date with my Big Sister. She's had a rough go the last few months with the transition into a new relationship and just dealing with everything. I wish that she had have come to me. I really feel horrible when I hear about my friends going through a rough patch. I always feels as though there's something that I could have done if I'd only have known. But there's no sense in going through shoulda-woulda-coulda statements... there's only the here and now.
So here and now I will make a positive commitment to making time for my friends. I've totally neglected so many of them and giving all my time to my work. Now that I've established myself with my work which is undoubtedly my passion, it's time to make some room for the life outside the work. Here and now I will work at maintaining the relationships that mean the most to me in my life.

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