Sunday, March 16, 2008

I think everyone, once and a while, needs a shit show. Now, a shit show is different from a shit storm, which is a bad thing. A shit show is a crazy party that leaves you thinking - wow, that was some crazy shit - the next morning. It should also leave you thinking that you need to do that more often. You don't need a lot of people. You don't need loud music, or booze, although the inclusion of the aforesaid can only make for a better shit show. All you need is friends that you can laugh with. And the more you laugh, the better it is.
When I drove home last Friday in the wee hours of the morning, I thought to myself: these are times that make all the little annoyances of my day to day grind so worth while. I don't see these girls everyday, in fact I hadn't seen two of these girls since August 2007, but the anticipation of our reunion over crazy cocktails and make-up and gossip and chat about our sexlives.... what more can be said other than it's the ultimate stress relief.

Delta Love, my sisters. Delta Love.

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