Friday, May 2, 2008

MKN Designs and Sally Anne Treasures

I've never made chandelier earings before. I bought the wire hoops and then wired the beads onto it. I've actually never done wiring before, and I actually think I did a half-decent job. Of course, I can't take good close up photos with my camera, so the picture is craptacular, but it's blue glass beads, and then these strange grey-blue beads on the bottom. I actually didn't put anything in the centre to begin with then thought it looked rather bare and wired the bead in the centre.

I just finished this tonight. I don't wear a lot of green, so I'm not sure if this will get wear on me, or on someone else. I didn't use string, but little pins to put the little green beads on, and then wired them together. I'm still trying to decide if the pendant is a leaf or a feather.

So here is a little something about me: I love vintage books. Of course, I don't like any old book just because it's old - I buy the kinds of books I would buy and read now: poetry, classics, etc. So I found some really cool ones at the Salvation Army. The one on top is the most interesting because there were little letters inside the book written by the last owner on really old prescription paper - you know, the ones with the Rx sign. Anyways, the first in the stack of about 4 pages reads: "Here are a few bits of Medieval verse for your perusal, my dear. There are many other excerpts which might have more appeal to you, but I must introduce you to it gently." I almost feel as though he wrote this to me. It's written in fountain pen as well. My favourite of all the nearly unreadable quotes he's written is this: "O man that diggest the tomb and puttest my darling from me, Make not the grave too narrow." This book isn't so old. It's copyright is 1932. It's the edition of Paradise Lost that's the real gem. It's from 1876!! I couldn't believe it! It's too bad it's just 2 books of the poem and not the whole thing. The Little Treasury of Poetry is from the '70s - not vintage at all. I just bought it because I love poetry. The book of ghostly short stories is from 1906. I'm kinda excited about that one.

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