Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Gardening

On Mother's Day, after a fabulous brunch at RVI, we decided to start the gardening. We're doing a major overhaul of the back flower bed, and then also moving the pond.

Our neighbour's cat, Miss Sassy, watching the action.
Rosie the Wonder Dog, as seen through one of Dodo's potted trees.
This creepy dude is a left over Christmas decoration. I think.
This "tool" has been sitting at the back shed for ages... ever since I was little. And I had always wanted to know what it was for... apparently, it's for this:
Flattening the crap out of things.
Watering the grass after flattening the crap out of it.
My favourite picture of the dog.

Mom working on the pond.

This is Mom's Mother's Day present, well, one of them. We moved the pond from the front flower bed to the side of the house.

I think it's so cute. And he has wings on his little back too.

The former location of the pond.

Hiding... so sneaky.

The back flower bed... to be tackled next weekend.

See you next time!

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