Sunday, May 4, 2008

RIP Les Canadiens

So after the Canadiens' staggering defeat, my step-dad and his buddy decide to take some revenge on a Habs fan who teased them mercilessly after the Leafs and Sens were knocked out. They asked me to tag along and take some pictures.

Let it be known that Bull, above, was the mastermind behind this. He showed up at our house with the cross in the bed of his truck for my mom and I to write on, and then showed us all the paraphernalia he had got to attach to the bloody thing: a pair of his son's old skates, a kids' golf set, car flags, Habs hat, groddy old fabric flowers and a plastic hockey stick. A little over the top, but kinda funny nonetheless.

So the pictures have been sent to their friend. I think he'll likely shit his pants when he sees it, but he's got to know it's coming after the pranks he's played on them. It's been a slow weekend otherwise, so it was nice to be able to take some pictures of something relatively exciting! I think you need to be from a small town to appreciate little pranks like this one. Really can't get away with this in the city. I think, generally speaking, that small town humour is a little more relaxed than the city - that's a whole other discussion for another day.

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