Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sibling Revelry Tour

I decided to spend the day with my little brother, William. I took him around some of the more scenic places in the Pontiac on what I call the, "Sibling Revelry Tour."

Above, is a creek running close to the farm where I grew up.

The farm where I grew up.

William walking back to the car after he found a huge chunk of pyrite.

Making our way out to the pier in Norway Bay with some ice cream.

He wanted me to take a picture of the minnows. You can barely see them, but they're there.

He kept saying that the water wasn't cold. I begged to differ!

These are my feet, and it was ridiculously cold.

It took some bribing, but I convinced him to step down off this little slope and get me to take his picture. I had to hold the little sissy's hand, but he got there.

On the beach, he was exploring the colours in the sand.

After the beach, we went to see my uncle's sheep, which I think are so cute.

I mean, just look at all those snowy, white faces!

Mr. Lambchops.

William was petrified. It was a little loud, but I don't think he quite understood that they were in fenced-in pens and couldn't get out... well, except for the wee ones.

So he got a little braver.

I have no fear. This is Mr. Lambshops, again. His wee heart was beating so fast!! I didn't scare the shit out of him though, thank God!!
We came back after the farm and got changed and decided to take a hike into High Falls. I hadn't been there in years, and I forgot just what a hike into the damn thing it really is. Especially through the bush full of bugs. Luckily, we wore bug spray, but they still buzz around your face and are just generally annoying.

My favourite picture of the falls. It's really fast moving and pretty scary. My step-father said that at the bottom, you can see turtle skulls and what not. We didn't get close enough to look - and considering just how scary the water was, I was ok with that.

William was being very cautious though. I would say he was a little sissy, but I really shouldn't say that about my little brother though.

The gorge is really narrow and really fast moving. It's so scary and you can barely get close enough to see it... and once again, that's ok. I told Will to stay up near the tree line while I went down for a picture.

I also demonstrated how to effectively scale down a muddy slope on your arse. I think he got the lesson. He was much cleaner than me.

I'm really lousy at taking pictures of myself by myself. But I think this is cool nonetheless.

This was taken after we climbed back up the slope. I was panting and wanted to die and Will just couldn't understand that I'm older and oh-so-much less in shape.


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