Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dodo's Family Tree

After spending a great Friday evening with a distant relative on my grandfather's side, I've decided to post more pictures of my distant past. So for starters, I'm doing my grandmother's side because it's the side of which I know the least.

Alexander Brown came to Canada from Ireland in 1853. He already had 4 children, but a wife was never mentionned, and he remarried when he came to Canada to a Canadian woman and had 10 children with her. Their second born was William, who married Margaret Crawford and had lots of kids... one of which was John George Brown. The picture below is John George's children:

Standing left to right: Edna, Harold (my great-grandfather) Mable.
Sitting left to right: William, Edythe, Gordon (who died 7 mos after the picture was taken at age 19,) Bertha andMelvin. The picture was taken May 25th, 1918.

This is Iona Dellerane Hawthorne, my great-grandmother. Now my great-grandparents were married May 22, 1922, and my grandmother and I are pretty sure this picture was taken quite close to that time.
Taken the day after my great-grandparents' wedding. They are second from the left. The Hawthorne parents are on the far right.
My great-grandparents holding my grandmother. We think she was about 2-3 years old, so this picture was taken around 1940.

My grandmother and her sisters: Mona, my grandmother, and Ruth.

This group is my great-grandmother Iona Brown (nee Hawthorne) and her sisters, from left to right: Iona, Sadie, Teeny, Maggie, Hazel, and Toots. We can see from where I get my shapely figure. My grandmother couldn't remember their married names.

Taken the summer before my grandparents were married in 1956: Iona (great-grandmother,) Dorothy (my grandmother,) Merle Brown (nee Hodgins who married Dorothy's brother, Denzil,) and Beulah Stewart (nee Brown, my grandmother's sister.)

My grandparents' wedding: Sterling Hobbs was best man and brother-in-law to my grandfather. Flower girl was Donna Brown, my grandmother's niece, and the two bridesmaids were Dodo's sisters: Ruth and Mona.

And finally my mother... at age 3. She's pretty cute.

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