Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garden Update

I know that it's swelteringly hot out there, but I ran out and took some pictures of the garden to update you all from the beginning reno. It really doesn't look like that much of a reno, but the flower beds are higher and we now have a fire pit AWAY from the house. It used to be on the side patio which was a little concerning.

The pond now full. There's even two goldfish living in there. They previously lived in a small tank in William's room. I think they like it better here.

The fire pit, complete with dog and guinea pig. Last time my parents let a guinea pig out on a hot day they killed it. This is Guinea Pig #2. I think they're trying to be guinea pig serial killers, but who knows.

The birch tree is dying. When my grandfather was alive, in his infinite wisdom, decided to cut off the top. It's been downhill ever since for the poor thing.

My mom's Irises.

The side of the house - previous home to pond.

I think these herb baskets are going to my balcony since no one at 310 Dufferin Street uses fresh herbs. This will remain to be seen.

The full view of the house from the neighbour's front yard. Next big project is to fix the driveway. I still think it's the nicest house on the planet.

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