Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day Small Town Style

This year, with Canada Day on a Tuesday and most people working on the Monday before, it was kinda a weird long weekend with a workday thrown in the mix. Monday night was the soap box races, and crowds there are dwindling year after year. For sure this was the smallest crowd I've seen. I remember the first one. It was the summer after my first year of college, and Dawson Creek was on and I ran out to watch the races after it finished. Not a whole lot has changed. I don't know any of the kids racing anymore. Maybe that's a big change after all.

At the Canada Day Main Street parade. This year was a really long parade. Not a lot of people watching compared to other years. I actually don't think I saw last year's parade, but this one was alright by small town red-neck standards.

My friends' kids across the street waiting for the candy.

My step-dad said that he'd be driving, but he wasn't...

He was behind the cab. He was pointing to us so his partner in crime could spray us with water.

I go to church with this man. He used to be Shawville's "Santa," and would dress up for the Christmas parade and then wait in the hall for all the kids. He's passed that honour on to someone else.

Pipe band from Renfrew. Thank God there wasn't a strong wind because I was sitting on the street.

This man has ridden a horse in the parade as long as I can remember.

And what's a small-town parade without people in a decorated hey wagon?

And a shined up tractor?

When these people walked by, my mother said that they look like a redneck version of the Caribana parade in Toronto every year. I didn't take a picture of the worst offender, but behind these jokers was a girl in a bikini top, shorty-shorts, and a red ballet tutu. Hideous.

I got a laugh out of the treble cleff being backwards.

Not sure if these girls are local, but it's the first time I've seen baton twirlers in our parade and I thought it was so cool.

Ok, I had to circle this picture. I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the chainsaws not even half-way jammed into that block of wood. And there were little kids driving around on 4wheelers. It was a little scary.

Another hay wagon. Now these old broads are the Red Hatters. The prima donna in red did a belly dance in front of town hall. I think I vomitted in my mouth.

I just thought this little guy was cool.

Our neighbours.

1946 McCormick Tractor.

This was my favourite part of the parade. I just thought it was so cool.

Cousins of mine.

And last, but not least, the littlest fireman.

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