Monday, July 7, 2008

Digging in the Family Vault

On Sunday, I scanned some more pictures from my grandmother's "Schwartz" album. This would be my grandfather's family. The cousins that came to visit from the states are in from this branch. I'm also working on a family tree on, but that's such an ongoing project, I may never be finished. Sometimes it's just easier to stick the pictures up here and share.

This is my great-great grandparents and their children. Sitting is Charlotte and Fred. Fred was the "maple syrup" King of Canada - the largest exporter of maple syrup at the time. I could tell you just when that was, but when I do, I'll be sure to post. The picture of the maple syrup cans is here. So, standing from right to left: Rose, Barb, Fred, Charlie, Middleton, Ethel, and Clifford (my great-grandfather.) This picture was taken at Charlotte and Fred's 40th wedding anniversary where they moved from the homestead in the wilds of Greermount, to a house in the metropolis of Ladysmith.

Fred on the porch of th house in Ladysmith.

Charlotte on the homestead.

This is a tough picture to figure out. We know that "Lionel Martin" is the older boy with the pail. He was a cousin - Fred's sister Agnes married a Martin, and the sittee in my living room at home comes from their homestead. The three other boys are Cliff, Midd and Charlie, but we just don't know who is who.I wish I had a good picture of my grandfather and his dad. Here's my grandfather and his sister, Marion. I think this is at the house where we live now, but it looks so different I'm just not sure.

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