Friday, August 1, 2008

Montreal Holiday

Wednesday and Thursday were spent in Montreal. I hadn't been there in a few years, and even longer since I've been downtown and into Vieux-Montreal. My mom kept saying that Ottawa is a comparable city... I don't think so at all. Montreal is just beautiful!

We started our trip at the Biodome. I hadn't been there since I was 12 maybe? Anyways, it was really cool. I thought there would be more to it, but I had to rethink the actual size of it. There's a lot there considering the size. So the picture above is the St. Laurence habitat. It was cool, and a little foggy - shithawks everywhere! And yes, the stones are all plastic - or fibreglass, but it looked really peaceful.

This was the first animal we saw, and we have no idea what it is!

These wee lads were really cute. And when people came close to look at them, the got closer and cuddled. Kinda like they were used to the showbiz bullshit.

Another part of the St. Laurence habitat. The water was shallow and clear. I've never seen any of these creatures that close before.

My favourite part: the penguins. The penguin habitat was pretty interesting. There were lots of different varieties of penguins, and they all stayed together. The emperor penguins had their side, the rock-hoppers had their side, etc. I didn't think penguins were racist!

This was a cool section. There was a little presentation about animals from Madagascar - where most animals are endocentric - specific to one location only. There are so many different kinds of lemurs, and these are the only ones with striped tails - the Ring-tailed Lemur. I think they're pretty cute.

The cross on Mount Royal in the distance.

This was the church just up the street from our hotel - Marie Reine du Monde. I'm pretty sure this is the church that Celine Dion got married in. I have a thing for churches, and there's a few more pictures further down.

Here's Notre-Dame. It's huge, and it cost $5 to get in, which I refused to pay because I don't think you should be required to pay entrance into God's House. A donation makes sense, but a fee... didn't really turn me on.

Across from Notre-Dame was a square with a pretty fountain, and then on the other side was the Armoury. This was a little pottery stand. There are bowls on the table that come from Dollarama that had hand painted lettering around the rim. I have two of them at home - minus the lettering.

The fountain had famous figures from the early days of Ville-Marie - like Jeanne Mance. I think she educated the orphans??? Wow, I should totally know this stuff!!

Mary on the facade of Notre-Dame. I'm also reading The Secret Life of Bees right now, which is has this Virgin Mary motif in it. Makes me think I should embrace my Catholic half.

Meandering through the streets of Vieux-Port.

This was my favourite shop in Vieux-Port. This is the entrance way into a stone courtyard with little tented stalls filled with handmade jewelry and other artisan goods. It was such a unique looking shop, and everything inside was so cool.

These watches have handpainted faces. Really fine workmanship. And they were all over $100!

Still part of that shop... you had to go down a few steps to get to more still stalls.

This is where I started getting creative with my camera. We're walking in front of the Marche Bonsecours. It's a really pretty building with very expensive shops inside.

The top of the Marche. And this was another trick with my camera. Not only can it do sepia, but also black and white.

This was a little chapel beside the Marche. I didn't catch the name of it.

Across from the Marche were some really cool shops. My mom picked up some of the placemats for someone... I bought my mom this little dish that she saw and really liked, but didn't buy for herself. Kind of a thank-you for taking me along with them. I got for myself this little dish in the shape of a teapot to put your used teabag on... and it's painted with a cat that looks like my own.

Vantage point from where we stopped for lunch.

Same vantage point but in colour. I was having way too much fun with my newfound camera abilities!

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