Monday, October 6, 2008

Antique Sunday

I've been very slack in my blogging... it's been about 2 months. But quite frankly I've had nothing really interesting to blog about. Kinda sad when you consider that August and September are pretty busy months.

Anyways, on Sunday past, my parents and I went to this place outside Campbell's Bay. This used to be a horse farm. The man that owns it now is an auctioneer and antique dealer. His former horse barn is full to the brim with antiques and I was in heaven.

This is the view from the barn of the Ottawa River. Across the river is Calumet Island. I really think this is some of the most beautiful country... then again, I have never been out of Quebec or Ontario, so I really can't say too much :) Nonetheless, I think it's nice to be contented with home.

This is the entrance to the barn. I thought it was a rather small barn looking from the outside, but there is an upper level in there as well where he's got clocks and dishes and other finicky stuff. Anyways, he's got everything... bottles, cups and saucers, furniture, desks, headboards, floorboards, trunks, little model cars, chairs, shelves... I honestly don't know where to begin.

This white desk is mine, all mine. I'm picking it up on Sunday next. I might be just a little bit excited about that. When you fold down the leaf, there are little shelves and a nice space for my newer svelte computer :) And of course the shelves underneath are going to get stuffed with books.

Most of the barn is very dark - I don't think he has electricity in the far part of it. And because it's a barn, there are flies - both alive and dead - everywhere. So you kind of have to imagine everything with a good cleaning. And there are no prices on anything... he likes to haggle. Good thing so do I.

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