Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Fabuloso

I took these pictures last weekend but haven't gotten the opportunity to put them up til now. Fall is my absolute favourite season... I love the crisp weather, the colour, the weather...

So my parents think that having large, blown up pumpkins and spiders are classy. Thank God we live in a hick town.

I have such a thing for cows. Whenever I see them in a field, I just want to jump the fence and walk around with them. I love the sounds they make when they're eating, the smells... yeah, I just love cows.

It's my brother that's all about the horses. I think they're hay burners.

Now I think this picture is so cute, and someday, I totally want sheep lawnmowers at my house. I just like sheep, so maybe this isn't so cool... ah, come on... this is so totally cool.

I think this is on the 8th Line in Clarendon, so basically, it's a road to nowhere, but it's a pretty road to nowhere!

I can't remember where this one is, but it's pretty too.

And of course, my favourite place in the Pontiac. I have so many pictures of this church, it's really my favourite place.

Me and my wee bro.

And who can imagine... more cows!!

That's just so cute!

This is a sugar shack on the property of some friends of my grandmother's. They do everything by bucket system, which is very old fashioned now-a-days.

And here's the sugar bush. The ground covered with maple leaves was so beautiful. It was spongy, so it felt like walking on a cloud.

The bratty brother... he was petrified of the cows, which was kinda funny cause I was hoping they'd come along and say hello.

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