Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving Surprise

My step-father, a volunteer fireman, got called out to a fire at about 3am on Sunday morning. My mom could see the flames from their bedroom window.

My aunt and uncle own the feed mill in town. This is the third fire they've had in the grain elevator. The last one was about 4-5 years ago in the winter. I remember seeing pictures of it. The water was freezing all over the place. And then about 2-3 years ago, their office burned.

After church, my mom, grandmother, brother, and I went over to see it. This was the view walking down the street towards it.

My aunt is the organist at our church, and she went to play. Cried through the whole thing. It just makes me sad when things like this happen. About 36 hours later, the firemen are still there cutting apart beams because no matter how wet they make it, the beams in the basement of the elevator are still smoldering.

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