Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Freaks

This Halloween, my parents decided to match their costumes. So it is in their highest honour that I title this post: Halloween Freaks.

Yes, a pirate and his wench... that's enough to give the kiddies nightmares! What was worse, was that they kept making suggestive comments about my mother's fishnet stockings.

They may have looked insane, but everyone that came by the house had lots of fun!

Maybe a little too much fun!

There was lots of candy to be had... and lots of cute kids in costumes!

Spiderman's dad is "special."

Here the prodigal son returns. He's the ninja... not the princess. He looks like a princess without the costume.

I loved this costume... doesn't she look scared!

Family friends' daughter is in the blue dress.

I guess he got tuckered out from all the action he got earlier!
I love Halloween!

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