Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shawville Fair 1995

I came across these pictures as I was wondering through some envelopes of pictures in my grandmother's basement. I'm home sick with Bronchitis (again) and was a little bored. I didn't think anyone took pictures of this night - least of all my grandmother, who I didn't think even had a camera! Anyways, I can't believe how young I looked, or how red my hair was, or how happy I was to win.

So how Miss Shawville Fair works is that each girl is a "hostess" for a department at the fair. Generally, you had out ribbons. For the contest, though, you have to make a speech about your division, and the fair itself. The contestants were, from the back row left to right: Kaara Brown, Sara Knox, Louise Cowley, Nancy Tracy, Christine MacKechnie, Rebecca Younge, Kari Richardson, and 1994's winner Erin Tracy. Front row left to right: Tasha Greer (I think), Lisa Coles, me, Jaymie Armitage and Amy Taylor.

I don't have many pictures of all of us together. I do remember the night very clearly, but I don't remember having these pictures taken.

Either way, I'm very glad I found them!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I am glad to see the pagent lives on :)