Monday, January 26, 2009


My grandmother and I discovered some more pictures of my grandfather that I'd like to share:

My young grandfather, William Edgar, with his father, William Clifford.
My grandfather and his sister, Marion. This is taken at the side of the house where my parents live now.

My grandfather was in a play - I'm guessing while he was still in high school. He's the tall, skinny lad standing up.

This was taken June 24th, 1949 - my grandfather's high school graduation. Their party was at Pine Lodge, in Bristol, Quebec.

And finally, my grandfather, the boy scout leader. He's the one standing in the back with the glasses. He was in boy scouts all through his boyhood, and always belonged to a service club: the Rotary Club, and the Masons. His father was in those clubs as well.

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