Thursday, January 1, 2009

June 28th, 1958

June 28th, 1958 - my grandparents' wedding day. My grandmother and I were feeling a little nostalgic this morning and went through old pictures and old jewelry. My grandfather was a real one to buy jewelry for my grandmother. She's got a drawer full of jewelry that he had bought her over the years. As we were moving some furniture around and putting away Christmas decorations, we came across albums that she and my grandfather had: their wedding album, an album of my grandfather's pictures from before he and Dodo were married, and an album of Dodo's from a trip she had to Toronto to visit her sister in 1950. These pictures were loose within the albums.

The two pictures above are Dodo's aunts - both long gone. The one above is Aunt Maggie and Dodo, and above them is Aunt Sadie. Sadie was married with kids, but she thought enough of my grandmother to give her her wedding band before she died. Someday, it will be my wedding band.

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