Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maple Syrup Time

I have mentionned before that my great-great-grandfather was probably the largest exporter of maple syrup during his time. The picture below is of my great-great-grandmother and two neighbours washing the maple syrup cans in the spring. Nowadays, sugar bushes use hoses that attach the trees to a main line which flows into the sugar shack. This was done the old fashioned way: tin bucket hanging on a metal tap stuck into a maple.

Here's an old label. I wish I knew the years for everything. I'm guessing that this was all in the early 1900's. Sooner or later I'm going to sit down one of my cousins who might have some good old pictures I can scan. I've got a good lead on getting some information about my grandmother's mother's side, which there isn't too much on. I'm excited to get into that!

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kelly said...

Such wonderful photographs. I love looking at the old pics. Your great great grandma sure had alot of washing to do! Hope you have a lovely time in Fla. I could sure do with some of that myself!