Friday, January 2, 2009

Sometime, Somewhere

So I've decided to get more serious about blogging, and to that effect, I plan on getting more serious about blogging about old photos. It's important to know where you're from. And I love vintage anything! So I found some great photos that I plan on scanning and writing about, although I do plan to keep posting pictures of other "modern" events... primarily, I want to share my past.

The following pictures are of my great-grandmother Elsie Kristine Schwartz - I'm named after her, which I think is lovely.

This is my mom and Nanny Elsie. She's holding a Humpty Dumpty doll that she hand sewed for my mother and showed it at the Shawville Fair. She won first place. Mom figures she was 2 when this picture was taken, so that puts this in 1961. Nanny would have been in her early 50s.
Much has changed!! There is now a deck that connects the garage and the house, and a pool. The window is also a big bay window with lattice work inside the panes, but it will soon be replaced. The white addition on the right hand side of the house was the office where my great-grandfather and grandfather ran their Esso Heating Oil business from, and behind the house is a large garage where the oil trucks were kept. This picture is close to 50 years old.

When I was little, the hedge was about 5ft tall. It's gone now - left when the pool moved in in '98. I do remember that clothesline rack when I was little, though. This picture was probably taken by my grandfather who loved to take pictures.

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Auntie Barbar said...

Hi Melissa,

So glad you dropped by; thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know someone is out there appreciating it.

Aren't old family pictures precious? I just love ours too, and so few of them were taken,(compared to the thousands we can take today with our fabulous digitals), so that makes them even more precious!

I love it when people love to write about things or people that mean a lot to them and also like to share it. What a beautiful thing blogging is, if it is done in that way. If you don't mind, I'd like to add you to my blog list to keep up with what your're sharing too...

Love from sunny California