Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cape Canaveral

My cousin, Susan, divides her time between a house in Orlando and a condo in Canaveral. We met her in Canaveral, where I had never been before. This was the view from her second story balcony. That's the ocean, and she says that sometimes you can see dolphins jumping in the waves. And when the rockets take off a short ways away, the ground shakes and the water is white from the reflected smoke.

This was from the deck of where we had lunch. The shrimp boats leave from here, and several cruise ships. Actually, this was the nicest view from the restaurant. Across the canal were cranes trying to widen the channel so more cruise ships can go through.

And this was us... with wind-blown hair.

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Barbara said...

Very cool;looks like you have a great family...