Sunday, March 29, 2009

100th Post!

To say that I've had this blog for over 2 years and have only made 100 posts gives one the impression that I'm not a serious blogger. Well, it was only in the last year or so that I got more serious about it!

After a particular non-stellar week at work, I was in serious need of having my head screwed back onto my neck. My grandmother and I are famous for our little road trips, so she decided it was time to take a trip up the road to a little village called Ladysmith. Ladysmith is the German settlement in our area, and in fact my grandfather's family settled there - the Schwartz's. She has many friends up there, and because she and her friends frequent every restaurant in the Pontiac County, she is well acquainted with all the good spots to go. She's been saying for a few weekends now that she wanted to go to this little bakery... and so we went.

The bakery is located in this shack... it used to be an antiques store, and indeed there are still a few remnants of its past. In fact, I bought a really nice tin with milkmaids and cows on it. So cute!

Yes, you're reading that right, it says Nun's Farts. They're a kind of pastry like a pinwheel with cinnamon rolled in the cracks... so hard to explain. And they had run out of them, but I asked if I could take a picture knowing it would inspire a few chuckles.

Now these old farmers are good friends of my grandmothers, and mine as well. They're so old fashioned. You don't find people like this anymore. They tap trees for maple sugar, raise pigs, chickens and cows on a small scale. No one can really do that anymore and subsist, but they're older now and on pensions so they can putter around the farm. Actually, I'm pretty sure they could putter around me in circles, they've been doing that for so long.

There's their sugar shack smoking away. The ratio is 40:1... so 40 litres of sap will only make 1 litre of syrup, but because they got to the trees two weeks earlier this year, they think they'll get more done this year. They do quite a bit and package their syrup in old liquor bottles. I remember one year when I was still in high school, I had come home from school to see 2 whiskey bottles on my grandmother's table - she and her friend, Mabel, puttering around somewhere. I ran next door to my mother's terribly concerned that my grandmother and her friend were getting into the sauce. It's something we joke about every sap run.

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Stephenie said...

Happy 100th Post!!!! What a fun post, thanks for the trip with you and your grandmother... I just loved that little bakery and seeing her friends... What fun!!!