Sunday, March 22, 2009

On a Shawville Sunday Morning/Afternoon/Evening

After I posted yesterday, I decided to go out about the town: specifically to a little shop I've been eyeing up for a while called "June's." It's like a flea market/bazaar/bizarre with it's three aisles only wide enough to fit a slender person sucking in breath, and random items piled to the rafters. But what she specializes in is what made my heart flutter: random vintage jewelry. So as I'm picking through brooches, earrings, necklaces with ugly beads and pretty clasps, I mention to the eponymous shopkeeper that I make jewelry. She kind of lights up and says that she used to have a girl come by and buy pickle jars filled with random bits and bobs because she made jewelry - and in fact she had one waiting for her, but then lost her phone number and it had been months since she'd seen her, wouldn't I like to buy the jar from her? I almost fainted.

So over many cups of coffee, my grandmother and I poured over beads, broken brooches, mismatched earrings for hours and hours and hours.

Even Rosie was (somewhat) interested.

What I loved most about combing through the pieces was chatting over possibilities with my grandmother. You can't buy that for 10 bucks a jar.

Nope, it's priceless.


Barbara said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm so into that too. On the way back from Arizona today, we stopped in Quartsite where there are some little shops full of strands of beads. I bought two purplish ones and one greyish blue.

Your time with your Grandma is so precious; a person is blessed to be able to have a close relationship with a grandparent. Of my grandparents, 3 were gone before I was 2 and one lived longer, but lived across the country, so I never got to get to know her... So enjoy every moment you have, dear.

Stephenie said...

What fun spending time with Grandma. You really found some amazing jewlery, I love it all. Most of all I really love the rose brooch..