Friday, March 6, 2009

Robert and Phoebe

My great great grandparents, Robert and Phoebe Hawthorne, were married in June of 1899. My grandmother has a cut-glass cake plate that was a wedding present given to them... they gave it as a wedding present to her.

Phoebe's last name was Brown, which is interesting because her oldest daughter, Iona - my great grandmother - married a Brown of no relation. Phoebe and her sister, Hattie, had a less than ideal upbringing. Their mother died in childbirth for a brother that also died, and then their father died 9 months later of diphtheria. Phoebe and Hattie were raised by their grandparents. Phoebe died in 1943, but Robert lived til the 50s. He was at my grandmother's wedding and gave her the cake plate.

Robert & Phoebe's wedding picture, 1899.
Left to right: John Hawthorne (brother), Robert Hawthorne (great-great-grandfather), Annie Hawthorne, standing (sister), Phoebe Brown, sitting (great-great-grandmother), unknown man, Hattie Brown (Phoebe's sister),

This picture was taken around the time of the wedding. The back of the picture is below with some dates and information recorded by Hazel (Hawthorne) Labelle - Phoebe and Robert's daughter.

Probably in the early 40s... since Phoebe died in '43.

Not sure who the child is, but my grandmother thinks it's Glen Clarke - my aunt Ruth's first child.
I love the wedding picture. It's become a real treasure. My cousin, where the pictures come from, said that she found the wedding picture at her uncle's - which was the original farm of the Hawthorne family - and that it was on the ground outside after everyone had moved the things out for the last time before selling it. I think that's sad. But I'm glad she had the foresight to get it.


kelly said...

Hi, thank you for your comment about the new look of the blog. Fascinating photos! I wonder if you notice a resembelance between yourself and the family members in the photos? I often look for that when I look at my old family photos.

Clare said...

Hi there, old family photos are so precious and when you have snippets of information passed down with them, it is something to treasure. Clare x

Cherry Menlove said...

Hello! It was so good of her to spot the picture and have the urge to grab it and take it with her. I love going through old photos and thank you for sharing yours with us all.

Cherry x