Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Banjos Dueling in My Head

Sometimes, I can see a picture and then hear a corresponding song in my head, and no, I'm not insane, although a few people have told me to lay off the crack :) When I look at the picture below, I hear Dueling Banjos. And then sometimes that fiddle tune called Maple Sugar... at least that's what I think the name is.

This picture comes to me from a relative... it's family on her father's side, so not a relation of mine, but she says it's one of her favourite pictures. All those people - one small house. Indeed the wrap around porch looks bigger than the house. It tells me a lot, looking here. The large porch tells me that they stored most things out there in the winter and stayed out there most of the time in the heat of the summer beneath the shade of the slanted roof. The gingerbread on the roof tells me they're proud of their homestead; the Union Jack tells me they're loyal. And the shotguns... well, they're backwoods Canadians roughing it in the bush!

I took this picture after I dropped one of my friends off at her grandmother's home for her birthday. Her name is Ashley, and the farm name is Ash Lea... upon my mentioning it, she blushed rather deeply. I don't think there was reason though. There is a comfort in knowing you're tied to something rooted so strongly in the past.

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Stephenie said...

I just love that picture..I don't know how all those people lived in such a small house..I think I would've gone crazy..That amazes me!