Saturday, May 23, 2009

The GREAT Glebe Garage Sale

Every year, on the third weekend in May, the Glebe neighbourhood of Ottawa has a garage sale. This is no mere garage sale though. It's pretty much everyone in the entire neighbourhood that has a garage sale in front of their homes. Now, I can't even tell you how many city blocks make up the Glebe, but it's a lot. I got out of my car at 10am and back in at 4pm. Yep. That's six hours or walking, perusing, photographing and general enjoying.

I came home with a wicker bassinet, a stack of vintage handkerchiefs, a couple books, some crocheted tablecloths, some tins, and some little pieces of jewelry. And I had the requisite hot dog while I meandered through the streets. I also took some pictures so you can get the idea of how pretty much everyone in the city of Ottawa descends upon the Glebe like the Horde.

I took the picture of the old firetruck for my step dad who is a volunteer firefighter. A retired fireman was there selling cookbooks from the Ottawa Firefighter Association. They're raising funds for the new memorial, which will be beautiful. So I bought the cookbook as an early Father's Day present.
There were buskers everywhere!
So all in all, it was a pretty decent day, and I've got the sunburn and tired legs to prove it! Plan on spending all day tomorrow in the pool!

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Barbara said...

That looks like a whole lotta fun! If I lived there, I'd be all in... Sounds like you found a lot of good stuff. Any chance you'll post a blog with pictures of your finds? Just wondering...

Love from California