Sunday, May 3, 2009


In the sorority world, if your mom was a sister, and you decide to join the same sorority, you're automatically in because you're a legacy. So this is Hannah - my sister, Krista's, baby - and we're all crazy in love with her.

Krista married a military man, and has moved out to Edmonton, much to our chagrin. But hopefully some day she'll be closer and we'll all be happy, but until then, we'll have to content ourselves with emails, pictures, Facebook, and texts.

But here's to Delta Love and Baby Showers!

Me and Miss Hannah...

Mom, Hannah and Aunt Noreen.

Aunt Cookie looking ever so scared, but she did successfully hold a baby and nothing went awry, so she's rather pleased with herself.

Aren't we clever. We figured this out all by ourselves! I miss you guys!


Stephenie said...

What a little cutie!!! Looks like you ladies had a great time. That last picture is so cute...

Barbara said...

Is this your first niece? Congrats on becoming an auntie. You're blessed to have all those sisters! I just got back from visiting my grand niece and nephew--they're 18 mo and 3 years old. They're so cute and fun to visit... Then we disappear for 3 to 6 months until our next visit!