Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day with Mary Cook

So it is a few weeks past Mother's Day now, but I've just downloaded these pictures. On May 9th, my grandmother, aunt and some of their friends and I went to lunch with Mary Cook. Now, for those who aren't familiar with Mary Cook - she was a broadcaster on CBC radio for years, and has written numerous books about her childhood, growing up in the Depression years on a farm in rural Ottawa Valley. Her writing is in this beautiful story-teller lilt that makes you feel as if you were there with her.

Her talk after lunch was about dreams. Her dreams. Her brother's dreams. Her father, her mother. And it made me wonder what my grandmother's dreams were when she was growing up on a farm in rural Ottawa Valley. It made me remember what my dreams were as I was growing up on a farm in rural Ottawa Valley. It made me grateful for everyone's dreams - because whether they have come true or not, they have made us what we are today.

My grandmother in blue and Mary Cook in green.

Me on the left - I was so happy that day!

This is the book that I'm currently reading. Can't wait to blog about it!

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Stephenie said...

What an amazing way to spend Mother's Day...I love that picture of your Grandmother with Mary Cook..You have such a contagious smile...What a fun day...