Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Live For Sundays

Everyone that knows me knows this fact. I love Sunday dinners at home with everyone. There's usually a lot of bickering, and a lot of banter, but it's fun, and it's mine. Mom cooks a great meal, we all sit around the table and eat, make fun of each other, and repeat. We're not a Norman Rockwell painting kind of a family.

Before supper tonight, we sat out on the porch watching the thunderstorm pass. We've done this since we were kids on the farm. On the farm, the power would go out in a storm guaranteed, so we'd have little else to do but watch the storm pass. It has never been as much fun since we have lived in town, but sitting safely on the porch while the storm rages above and around us brings back memories.

While sitting there tonight, my mother and I were getting cozy on the settee, and my two brothers on the porch swing. William was milling about with his hand-held game console, snapping pictures and editing them - basically driving us crazy. But he sat down in a moment beside his brother whom he looks so much alike - both with the same ankle crossed over the same knee, both heads cocked in the same direction - it was a moment that you had to be on the outside looking in. My mother gestured for me to look in their direction, for saying anything out loud would had ruined the moment. I'm glad I got to see it.

So I post the picture below because looking at it tonight reminded me how much my 22yr old brother looks like my grandfather, and how much William - my grandfather's namesake whom he never knew - looks like my 22 yr old brother, despite 12 years between them.

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