Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm on a reading binge

And of all the things that I could be binging on, this is probably a good one. I've been reading non stop lately. Maybe that's a sign of escapism. Who knows. But I've been devouring some great novels lately. When I go to Chapters, I peruse the discount section, and pick up books that look interesting, then set them on my shelf until I can get there. These are two such books.

I read this in about a day. It's a shorter novel - about 200+ pages. It's a southern novel about a girl my age who returns home from a questionable life in the Northern states to care for her ailing mother in a small town, North Carolina. Avie, the protagonist, learns about the well-kept secrets of her past as the novel unfolds, each little secret doled out carefully, building upon each other into the culmination of the novel.

Although not as good as 'The Weight of Water,' it was nonetheless and engaging read.

Next on my list is 'Cassandra and Jane,' a fictionalization of the lives of the Austen sisters. Now, I am a devout Austen fan - so I am very intrigued. I'll keep you posted ;)

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