Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Reading Binge Continues...

I picked up both Albom books on the same day at Value Village. And before everyone starts wondering where I'm keeping all these books, take cheer because I've just sent 2 boxes of books and 2 boxes of clothes and other miscellaneous items to a second hand store. It'll make room for all the other ones that I've been collecting!

I think it's rather serendipitous that I've found and read these books now. With the upheaval at work, it's good to be reading such soul-soothing words. It has helped me understand more important parts of life, and that every experience leads me through greater lessons. What I learned most from "Tuesdays with Morrie" is acceptance. Morrie had this way of accepting emotions without dwelling on them, and then letting them go. They didn't define him.

This has been a tougher week for me. I'm wrestling with the sadness of leaving students whom I love dearly, the disappointment of the treatment I've received from some colleagues at work, and the excitement of working in a new and friendlier atmosphere. After I finished reading "Morrie" and cried for the gift of his wisdom, I began to use it. I have an opportunity to maintain the friends that I've made at one centre because we all share the common goal of working with children. It's an opportunity to learn something new. A friend of mine from college used to always say: 'well, I won't die today because I learned something new.'

So on July 6th, I'll be starting as an educator for a new centre. They use a different model of therapy that I'm very interested in. And I see a great place for me there. I'll be doing some therapy in French, which will be a welcomed challenge. I'm settled and comfortable with this decision. Let come what may.

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