Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Reading Begins

Most of my late afternoons and evenings are spent on my balcony reading - when the sunlight turns to shadowy streetlamp grayness, I bring an antique goose neck reading lamp outside. A cool breeze splits through the railings as I sit almost on the floor in my chaise lounge. I can hear the gentle 'tick...tick tick' of bugs as they ping against the lamp and the white table. I might pause mid page to face the cool breeze and drink it in as I drink in the words. Sometimes the cat joins me, cuddles in my lap discouraging me from having both hands on the book. Sometimes the cat leaps after the bugs, the ringing of her bell adding to the night's music. I love reading at night outside.

I finished Late Nights on Air last week. It had been a long labour, since I kept putting it down in favour of smutty, mindless reading, but then it just didn't feel right wasting cool night breezes on smutty, mindless reading.

Late Nights was a beautiful read by a hometown author. The story finishes in Ottawa, and I could put myself in the characters' footsteps. Most of the story takes place in Yellowknife, and then the Northern Barrens for a tragic Northern camping expedition. In the story, there is this back story based in fact - an Englishman and Norther Explorer, Hornsby, had travelled into the barrens with two other men and had perished from starvation. This story was so known to all the characters in the fictional story, as diary entries of one of the explorers was often read on radio. The characters couldn't have existed - their motivations not made complete - had it not been for that back story.

I am going to try to write a bit about the books that I read over the course of the summer, so that if they entice anyone, I'll be up for the chat! This is the one that I started tonight, and I must say I'm a little spellbound, so I'll be sure to post sooner than later.

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