Friday, July 3, 2009

Canada Day - Shawville Style

It poured a bone drenching rain. I mean, we were soaked and Will refused to share his umbrella so Mom and I huddled under mine for most of the parade.

Vaughan got to drive a firetruck in the parade. Way too exciting ;)

There was supposed to be a troupe of girls twirling batons behind her, but as the rain started to really poor, they all piled into a van that was behind them, leaving the mothers to walk in the rain.

I thought she was really sweet.

This is the retired vet from our town. He loves antique tractors and always drives one in the parade.

I thought this was kinda a metaphor for how we felt walking home after being soaked to the skin.

But it wasn't raining as hard for the walk home.

Before the town pig roast, my brother and I walked through the Shawville Museum and I snapped a picture of their brooches that were set up in their "general store" display. They looked like some that I have.

There was also a flea market set up, and I bought the dishes on the table. All those dishes for $2. What a deal!! They're English china, a little crackled, but have gold trim. There were only 4 plates and about 12 bowls, but that's OK. I needed bowls anyways :)

It's become the new Shawville tradition to have a pig roast at the fairgrounds, and because the Fire Department puts it on as a fundraiser, I, of course, get roped into helping. Not that I'm complaining, it was lots of fun. I didn't watch them carve it, cause that might not be so appetizing. It was yummy though!

And finally, it stopped raining for some killer fireworks. I love Canada Day in Shawville.

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