Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dear Jane Austen

I picked this one up in a discount bin a few months ago and have been nursing it ever since. It reads like a Dear Abbey column, except 'Abbey' is Jane Austen with a knowledge of the future. It was strange. When I went to look for the picture of this book to post, I found out that writing about Jane Austen doling out advice to modern day ladies isn't as novel as I first thought. There are a few of these books.

Now, I'm a Janeite. I love anything about the authoress. But this was trite. I didn't really finish the rest of it - just skimmed to see if anything interested me at all. It could have been a PhD dissertation since it delved so extensively into each of her novels to best exemplify the propriety of life and love. I've been picking it up and putting it down for weeks - and I've read another fictionalization of the authoress' life during that time - so it was harder to put this into context, especially when 'Jane' would quote Hemingway, and hatchet any reader of Bronte. Just too much. I had a prof who once said that when you take on a topic, you're best to narrow your focus. She could had written a version of Austen's life, she could have written of a woman finding advice on life and love from reading Austen, but both... wrong.

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