Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Sale... Again

Driving past the farm where I grew up this week, I noticed something all too familiar - a for sale sign. It doesn't seem like that long ago, this black and white picture was living colour to me. The farm was bought by a man and his young family after my grandmother sold it. She lived there for a few years after we moved away, but the place has always felt like the home I've been trying to get back to. Now it will someday be in some one's different hands, hopefully someone who appreciates it more.

Last spring, I drove by and stopped to take this photo, although you can't see what was truly heart breaking to me. In the front field at the road were old tractor tires, used round bale wrap, implements left out to rust... it looked like a mine field - not the home I was used to seeing. Closer to the barn doors was similar disarray. We never kept it like this. We appreciated it - or at least my father did. I remember countless evenings after dinner being made to sweep the floors until they were clean, and that's not easy to do in a barn!

So I hope that whoever buys this place will respect it. I hope that they'll treat it in a way that would make my father proud. I don't dwell on the past anymore - so when I think of this farm, I think of what it can be in the future under hands that treat it with kindness. I know that they'll never be my hands again, because we don't get the chance to go backwards in life, but I pray that the next owner will appreciate what the current one cannot.

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Cee said...

You should buy it. Then move back and find yourself a Farmer Husband. (i'm serious, kinda. Although I'd miss you dearly)