Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Future is in My Hands... Literally

I had my palms read on Thursday evening. William and I spent the afternoon together in Ottawa, and as we were walking through the Glebe, I saw the sign for the woman that read my palms a few years ago.

When she read my palms a few years ago, everything was for the future. I was maybe 24-25, and the prospect of getting married at 28-29 seemed far away. But now it's next year. She says I'll find someone soon. Who knows! She had really interesting things to say about my work, though. She said that I'll work in the special services, and be involved in humanitarian work. But she also said that later on - as in my late 30s or 40s - I'll become a writer. She said that she saw that very clearly. And in truth, I have always wanted to write. She also said that I'm in the middle of a major work change right now, and I am.

She revealed a lot about my personality. She said that I tend to close myself off and not speak my true feelings, and that I need to express as I feel. She said that I question myself intensely. but because of that I have good reasoning. She said I had great communication skills, but I just need to use them more :)

She said that I'll have two loves, and my second love will be my marriage. That I'll have two children. That I'll reach my "comfort zone" (whatever that means) at the age of 41-42, and that I'll retire at 55 but continue to write.

Sometimes knowing what will happen is comforting. I mean, yes, it's nice to have surprises, but the surprises are in the details - I like to know the big picture, and for 20 bucks, it was fun.

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