Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Fun Chicklit

I finished this last week and it was a fun little novel. I identified with the protagonist: she's this serious academic who gets caught off guard by a wealthy heir and wrapped up in a crazy love affair. And, of course, there is a second, more perfect man for her, that we're just waiting for her to lose the scales from her eyes and realize he's been waiting ever so patiently. Not that I can relate to the love triangle, or even a love 'straight line,' but I can relate to her seriousness, and how she can be a little blind to what's available to her. At the beginning of the novel, she was a woman with no love prospects and a sedate life. But she tumbled into two relationships so quickly that she didn't have the time to really examine what was happening. I guess that's how it can be sometimes: first nothing, and then before you know it, there's something.

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