Friday, August 14, 2009

And an hour and a half later we have...


Tomorrow is the last day of day camp at the Jewish Community Centre. I'm sad because I'm going to miss some really great people, although some will be working with me at a preschool in September. It's getting to be a little tradition with me that when I part ways with work friends, I make some jewelry. So tonight I sat down to whip together some cute earrings after quizzing everyone today on their favourite colours. Strangely enough, all six women chose purple. It took an hour and a half, but I turned out some earrings that I might even recreate for myself!

Now I am mightily tired, and longing for bed. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow!


Stephenie said...

Your earrings look so pretty.. You did such an amazing job..What a beautiful gift to give to someone..The ladies are going to love them..You are just to sweet..

Aya Smith said...

Beautiful jewelry! even the way you have them displayed is pretty ^_^