Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Summer Party

It seems like summer, this year, is filled with parties. I'm out almost every night of the week! Tonight is a last-minute birthday bash for one of my best-est ladies. I whipped her up a pair of earrings quickly, in a colour that I wasn't sure she'd like or not until I saw this picture (she's on the right). It'll be just fine.

I've discovered I like making jewelry more for my friends than I do for myself. The kind of jewelry I like to wear are classic looking or vintage pieces - of which I've got tons! That's the advantage of shopping at antique barns that often don't understand the value of old jewelry.
I wore this piece last night (to yet another party) and I have matching earrings and a brooch for it. It was bought with a box full of vintage pieces that I picked up for 2 bucks. Craziness! Tonight, however, I will be going with my go-to staple: pearls. I love them. All my favourite pieces have pearls in them. They just make everything that much more classy. And they make me feel sophisticated even in a pair of jeans.

What kind of jewelry do you always go to? How does it make you feel when you're wearing it?


Torie Jayne said...

Pretty necklace, my favorite necklace is a little cream bird on a twig, I wear it most days! x

Cee said...

Pearls! Must be a sorority thing but i just love 'em!