Sunday, August 23, 2009

Daughter of the Bride

This was a quick and fun little read. I picked it up - once again, another bargain bin rescue - because I was once a daughter of the bride. Mind you, when I was a daughter of the bride, I think I was only 14, so I wasn't quite in the same place as Daniella, the protagonist. She's a thirty-something financial news reporter. The novel revolves around her burgeoning career, her full dance card, her bare ring finger. Really, she has a lot of options for love. And you would think that a novel like this would have at least one steamy love scene, but there wasn't. I'm proud of the author for choosing the high road. The novel didn't need a steamy love scene to make it a worthy Chick Lit read.

There were a lot of little nuggets of wisdom for the single girl. My favourite comes from an imagined conversation Daniella has with her late father as she jogs along a path often covered by the two of them together: "Just because Mom is getting attached now doesn't mean you need to. You are different people. She may need more tradition to feel comfortable. As long as you feel free as a wanderer, you shouldn't rush anywhere unless it makes your journey even more pleasurable." (283)

Sometimes you need to see the words in front of you that you know your heart is saying to really understand.

I spent a few hours yesterday at a bridal shower for a cousin of my step-father's. I went more as support for my mother, who would have gone alone. Their family is massive. Most of them hadn't seen me in years and didn't recognize me, so most of our conversations revolved around them asking me when I was getting married. Hmm. If they only knew! My favourite statement regarding Melissa's future was this little dandy: "You know, I'd love some great-grandbabies soon. And lots of them." That was by my step-dad's mother. That was scary. I politely told her not to hold her breath.

So I'm glad I read this book this weekend. It put things in a laughable perspective.

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