Thursday, August 13, 2009

Girlfriend Rituals

Do you know what I mean by 'girlfriend rituals'? You know, those little things that you always do together and it just feels wrong to do without them? Our ritual in university (and after, for that matter) is late night McDonald's runs. Some girlfriends commiserate over drinks (don't get me wrong, we certainly do that too), some girlfriends go work out together, eat a couple pints of ice cream, have movie dates... I mean, the list is endless. We went to McDonald's one night, years ago, to have a bitchfest about sorority, and that soon became a weekly event, and the topics ranged from men to sorority sisters to men to friends to men. So when something comes up in my life, I just get this feeling that there's something I should be doing, that there's something missing. And I realize that I miss our crazy, fantastic Summer of Fun. I miss our we-can-stay-up-all-night-cause-we're-still-students attitude towards life. I miss having the girls all together cause we all lived so close.

So tonight, I got drive-thru McDonald's so I could take it home and eat my fries with my friends, and talk out loud to them (and not appear completely off my rocker as it would appear had I done this in the restaurant). You were all here in spirit.
So, what are your friendship rituals? (I'm taking an idea from the Naked Redhead's blog... makes for great commenting!)


Cee said...

Is that you feeding us each a fry?

Melissa said...

It sure is! I sent Kitty a text and said I was getting some comfort food, and she said she wished she was there... and she was! You and Candy were too!

Krista said...

MMM, good fry!