Saturday, August 29, 2009

Girls' Day Out

Today was a shopping day for me, my mom, her best friend, and her daughter (with whom I went to high school) - she's expecting her first child in January, so we were on a mission to find maternity clothes. She needed office attire since she works as a secretary in a law firm. I will admit, for a single woman, going maternity clothes shopping with someone is kind of a daunting task. It flashes your lack of relationship before your eyes in blaring lights. In fact, many of our conversations revolved around people we know and their weddings or pregnancies. It was a little scary.

But at the same time, I enjoyed the "sisterhood" of it all. It's nice to go out for the day with just women, talk about things that you can only discuss when you're 'sans hommes.' Of course, we weren't always in maternity stores. We went into my friend's favourite clothing store (which just happened to release its new maternity line) that I never thought the clothes therein would fit me. Low and behold, I tried on some end of season shirts, and WOW! The stuff fit! So I'm pretty excited.

So, besides organizing my office space, I've been reorganizing my closet. I'm very inspired by Sally at Already Pretty, who has given me some great food for thought. My new dating life - about which I'm planning to post very soon - has prompted me to get my butt into 'confidence' gear. There's nothing like a man taking notice of you to spike your confidence. (Now, before I get comments about women's empowerment, and all that jazz, I didn't say I needed a man to boost my confidence, but when you're in those early stages of dating, and someone tells you that you look pretty, well, come on! You know what I mean!)

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