Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Speechless Left Me Anything But

Another rescue from a Chapters' Bargain Bin left me pleasantly surprised. Canadian authors Collins and Rideout teamed up in this very entertaining read. As I mentioned before, this book reminds me of my college friend, J, and how we used to come up with titles of books we could write together. I swear we should totally get in on that. And after a very fun and surprising afternoon phone chat with her today, well, I think it's something that we need to rekindle.

Anyways, as for the book, it is written about a 30ish speech writer for the Ontario Minister of Culture. I loved how the authors really made the political characters so comical; it made something that I find rather drab into something light-hearted. Of course, there is romance, and the whole question of which man is right for the girl, but there is so much comedy along the way, I didn't feel frustrated waiting for the main character, Libby, to get it right. The authors made sketch comedy out of the office politics, and that I can certainly appreciate!

So, on the whole, it was a surprisingly good read!

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